Thompson Trophy Race

Michael Detroyat who won both the Greve and the Thompson Trophy Race was no stranger to the  National  Air  Races,  having performedaerobatics  at  several NAR's. There  was a lot of complaining  about the French sponsored airplane, especially by Roscoe Turner. However the original deed of gift from Charles E. Thompson invited foreign nations to enter the competition. 1936 was the first and only year that a foreign aircraft  and  pilot  were  entered  in  the  Thompson  Trophy  Race. France, and especially the Caudron Aircraft Co. had campaigned and won  many  races  in Europe. The  racer  was  equipped  with  a  air operated retractable  landing  gear  system  and  a  two  position  air operated Ratier propeller which gave Detroyat a great advantage.The aircraft arrived with two engines, a 330 hp. engine for the Greve Race and a 380 hp engine for the Thompson Trophy Race. After winning the Greve, a decision was made not to change engines. Michael Detroyat (sometimes call "Detroit" by Americans) returned to France with some 14,850 American dollars, a large chunk of money for 1936.  Color was overall dark glossy blue with a red/white stripe on fuselage. and white lettering.